Welcome to the site. Whether you are a businessperson or an entrepreneur thinking about getting into business, one of the things most people in business struggle with is getting more customers. You could have a target, mission and vision, but unless you put things into practice, everything will remain just a dream. If you want to change things up and become action oriented, then you have come to the right page.

Marketing strategies for small businesses

If you have a start up company and business, you can still make profits once you get the right marketing strategies. We will guide you through the many articles written in this site. This blog section looks at some of the things to consider when marketing small businesses. Factors such as your budget, the people you are selling to, and the medium you plan to use for marketing matters a lot. Other subjects that are discussed in the blog section are why small businesses should define the products they are selling and narrow down their mission before embarking on marketing.

Using social media to grow business

Have you ever visited a social media page that is supposed to be run by business company and cringed at what they post? Social media can make or break a brand. How this can happen is discussed in this blog. We have an elaborate list on the dos and don’ts of using social media to market businesses and brands. You will learn how to use social media sites like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to market yourself. We will also guide you on why you do not need to be dragged into any online drama that erupts. This might seem self explanatory but there are still brands that find themselves questioning what they should post and what is to be left out. If you are one of them, then by the time you are done reading from our blog, you will be empowered on social media use. In this day and age when social media is taking over most of our interaction, this is an important section for all businesses.

Promotions, offers and bonuses as marketing tools

If you want to boost customer loyalty, you better give them a reason to come back. Our blog explores the use of promotions, offers and bonuses as a way of attracting customers. Think of how betting sites and cosmetic shops have perfected this. They run regular promotions and offers to get customers hooked. You must be wondering: “Won’t giving too much hurt my business?” Well, this section discusses how to do it without falling into bankruptcy. There is a list of why you should consider this marketing strategy, and an extra for buyers on how they can find good deals when shopping both off the net and online.

Using the right name when branding

What is in a name? Ask no more. The future of your business lies on the name you have given it. That is why you need to think through the name that you choose. You will learn why having the right name matters in business, and the process of choosing a name. Our site suggests using catchy names as a a strategy to market products and services.

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