If you are in business and you do not have a business strategy, it will not take long before your business collapses. A good marketing strategy is important not just to grow your business profits but to also gauge the progress of how you are performing.

Setting marketing strategies

The process of setting marketing strategies should start before you establish the business. Some of the marketing strategies that have worked for successful businesses are:

  • Embracing social media: Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram provide space for businesses to market and advertise their brands. If you are running a business, you should endeavour to get a large social media following so that you can have an audience for your brand.
  • Understanding your audience needs: For you to market your stories, you must first know and understand who your target customers are. Once you know your audience needs, you will be able to customise products and messages that are suited for them.
  • Using Search Engine Optimisation: How you rank when people do a search on the internet matters. That is why you should use the right keywords to position your brand so that it appears on top pages of the search engine.
  • Blogging frequently: Blogging is one of the ways of having new and relevant information on your site. You should think about having interesting content, including hiring guest bloggers to write for your page.
  • Having the right name: Your name is your brand. The name that you choose will determine whether clients will take you seriously or not. You need to think through the name you have for your brand.

Why you should find catchy names for your products

Having a catchy and memorable name goes a long way in ensuring that customers remember what your product is all about. Some of the things a good product name should be include:

  • It should be creative: A lot of thought goes into coming up with a name. You should let your creative juices flow when you are picking out a name for your business. Do not go for a name that resembles another business. Think about the theme of your business and come up with a name that summarises or gives details of what the business is about. Think of how Wheel of Fortune Online was able to come up with a catchy name for the online casino. It is creative in the sense that it alludes to the fact that spinning the wheels would get you a fortune.
  • It should be simple: Do not go for complex names when coming up with product names. Nobody wants a name that they will struggle to remember. Choose a name that people are likely to remember and associate with.
  • It should work within a context: Do not go for names that may be offensive or inappropriate in the context of your target audience. Nobody will want to associate with a brand that has a brand name that is deemed as offensive.
  • It should be scalable: If you plan to expand your business, then the name should be scalable in the sense that it should be able to make sense across a wider audience.
  • It should be unique: The name you give your product should not be something you have copied from another brand. If you are not sure of how to come up with a unique name, you should reach out to friends and other creatives to help you think of a name that stands out.

Take your time and think through the name that you give your business products or brands. If you take up a name that does not work, you will be forced to rebrand and change names sooner or later. Do your research and analyse some of the product names that stand out to you, then ask yourself what it is about the names that strike you most.