There are billions of people currently on social media. If you have a business, you can use the growing numbers to market your brand. Social media is becoming one of the most popular marketing strategy when doing online marketing. To use social media, you must first understand your audience and learn the pros and cons of each platform.

The Dos on using social media for marketing business

  • Show commitment: If your goal is to market your business or brand, then you should be committed when doing it. Marketing business on social media goes beyond putting a random post and waiting for days before doing another. Your posts should be regular, and you should work towards growing a following so that you can have as many people as possible on your page.
  • Have some personality: People will only show interest in your page and social media presence if you show some personality. You do not have to be all over the place for you to have people interested in your page. You should try and use anecdotes, humour and other styles that will make it interesting.
  • Listen to the customers: Learn to listen to what your customers are saying other than pushing your promotional messages. Check out the comments, and respond to any query that the customers are asking on social media.
  • Spread your presence: If you want to be dominant to your customers, you should think of spreading your presence across different platforms. Set up pages on all the major platforms and ensure that you are active in all of them.
  • Use different media: Your posts on social media should not be made of only words. You can put in photos, videos and words so that your content stands out.

Use paid advertisements: Other than posts, you should use paid adverts that are allowed within posts on social media. Schedule them in a way that ensures your audience sees them.

Donts on using social media for marketing business

  • Do not be pushy: as much as you may want more people to notice you and engage with your product, do not be pushy. Have a reasonable number of posts in a day so that your followers do not feel overwhelmed by the number of posts you put.
  • Do not be ambiguous: Your posts should be specific especially if you are marketing a product. Simplify your language and have everything you think is important on the post. Look at how housing companies write their posts, with most of them including important features such as maps and photos of the houses.
  • Do not engage in drama: You have an image to protect even when you are using social media. Try as much as possible to get involved in drama and exchanges with your followers. Be professional when responding to questions and accusations that may arise about your business.
  • Do not take too long between posts: Your posts need to be consistent and accurate for people to keep coming back to your social media pages.